"I love this movie. And when filmmaker Phyllis Stuart contacted me to join the Virtual Cinema Campaign for her new documentary film Wild Daze, I had no choice but to say, 'Yes’."  Richard Paradise,, Programmer, Boulder Environmental / Nature / Outdoors Film Festival ​

"A skilled filmmaker, Phyllis Stuart not only deserves an Oscar, but her film Wild Daze serves as a platform for further understanding, opening a dialogue and ultimately, spurring action and activism.” Lynette Carrington, Executive Editor Its Just Movies.com

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“Far too many Americans know little to nothing about Africa, or how the devastation of African wildlife and natural ecosystems impacts us. But we are connected on this pretty globe and saving African forests is vital to abating climate change. So, if the headlines don’t get people’s attention, maybe Wild Daze will galvanize them.” Greg Laemmle, President Laemmle Theatres

"The animals of this planet deserve our support not because their lives are beautiful to witness for humans, but their lives are beautiful to themselves.

It is a joy to support those who see the intrinsic value of all life, such as the crew behind Wild Daze." Ari Nessel, Founder The Pollination Project

"This film conveys the sense of urgency that we should all be feeling about the insane plague of human greed that threatens the ecosystems of an entire continent. As Phyllis Stuart’s film so forcefully illustrates, the time has come for both individual and collective action.”        

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"Wild Daze amps up the spotlight on this poaching issue with a sobering, accessible lens we can't afford to ignore. Some of the deadliest armed conflicts and terrorist networks on the planet thrive off of ivory and horn trafficking, and use many of the same international trade routes, commercial facilitation, and money-laundering mechanisms as the world's most menacing drug cartels." Holly Dranginis, Senior Policy Analyst, Enough Project

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WILD DAZE is an important documentary that educates us about how crucial it is that we as a species preserve, protect and save African wildlife and forests. Kudos to Phyllis Stuart for giving us this magnificent film that acts as a wake-up call to help "change the world" and save our planet. A must see!" Kat Kramer

“Wild Daze represents a shot across the bow of complacency, a wake up call that it’s not too late but that wild things in wild places need our help now more than ever. One of the most difficult battles we must face is fighting complacency. If the world either forgets the plight of elephants and other wildlife or believes it is a sad inevitability that we will lose our wild things in our wild places then our job gets so much harder.” Mike Korchinsky, Founder Wildlife Works

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Wild Daze is a compelling new documentary depicting the complexities of African wildlife conservation revealing how we are all complicit in the dire loss of its wildlife and forest peoples. The film deftly wades audiences through Africa's complex and murky complicity and corruption to witness how human activity takes a huge toll on the wild. Since human survival hangs in the balance, we must decide whether we see ourselves as superior, as custodians, as entitled consumers or as a part of a delicate ecosystem.


Wild Daze shows this ecocide is not just an African problem. Saving the world’s rainforests and its biodiversity will help everyone. When humans disturb a forest, we destroy the balance of nature, especially the balance between pathogens and people.With our world under lockdown we all experience the worrisome connection between deforestation, bushmeat (wild game), human disease and pandemics.


Not only are animals being driven to the brink of extinction but those humans living with the wildlife are also being exploited and displaced. The 20 billion dollar annual illegal wildlife trade is driven by many factors including unbridled crime and corruption, armed insurgents, trophy hunting, the pet trade, the bush meat trade and an insatiable consumer demand for natural resources. Part nature documentary, part transnational crime journalism, part action thriller, Wild Daze breaks hearts, engages and amazes, and educates and alarms, but most importantly viewers morph from audience members into environmental activists.


Since most people know little about Africa and its dire wildlife ecocide Stuart created this new feature-length documentary to galvanize audiences before it’s too late.  Few understand how much the African environmental crisis impacts the West and even fewer know international crime cartels are fueling unsustainable wildlife loss.  But this film shows what is at stake and was sculpted to transfix audience,s not just from the outrage of loss, but to engage them to empathize with exploited locals and imperiled non-humans.


If it doesn't challenge you,

it doesn't change you. 

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