If a documentary doesn't challenge you, it cannot change you. 

Wild Daze is a compelling new documentary depicting the complexities of African wildlife conservation revealing how we are all complicit in the dire loss of its wildlife and forest peoples. The film deftly wades audiences through Africa's complex and murky complicity and corruption to witness how human activity takes a huge toll on the wild. Since human survival hangs in the balance, we must decide whether we see ourselves as superior, as custodians, as entitled consumers or as a part of a delicate ecosystem.


In May 2019 the United Nations published a report revealing how one million (of the estimated 8 million plant and animal species on Earth) are at risk of extinction — many of them within decades – and how humans will also suffer greatly.


Since most people know little about Africa and its dire wildlife ecocide Stuart created this new feature-length documentary to galvanize audiences before it’s too late.  Few understand how much the African environmental crisis impacts the West and even fewer know international crime cartels are fueling unsustainable wildlife loss.  But this film shows what is at stake and was sculpted to transfix audience,s not just from the outrage of loss, but to engage them to empathize with exploited locals and imperiled non-humans.

Wild Daze is an active proponent for Nature Needs Half, a science-based, culturally relevant, open-structure public movement to protect and interconnect at least half of the earth's lands and seas for the well-being of all life.

Our esteemed documentary cast includes seasoned wildlife experts, scientists, journalists, locals, tribal rights activists, farmers, rangers, economists, authors, politicians, artists, animal activists, eco-tourism professionals, trophy hunters, and tons of wildlife like 'Future', an orphaned baby chimp , 'Toto', a wild bull elephant and 'Koko', the talking gorilla, 

who all share an urgent conservation goal.

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THESE ARE WILD DAZE...Wear A Mask     


Wearing a Wild Daze mask abates disease and shows human and wildlife health are undeniably linked. Our mask project helps us all stay safe and encourages people to protect the wild.


Billy Dodson mask photos


Photo by Andy Rouse

Ofir Drori with his first rescue chimp, Future



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