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Fueled by this Winston Churchill quote, the word “enthused” derives from the Greek parts “en-” (inside) and a variation of “theo” (god). Enthused literally means one who is infused with, or possessed by, the spirit of God (or of a god). Socrates used Enthused to describe poets & their inspiration is divinely inspired: a high bar, indeed.

about us

Enthuse TV 

Enthuse, to conjure Enthusiasm~Intense, Eager Enjoyment, Interest and Approval.
Enthuse TV film and shows engender these responses.

This production company was launched in 2013 by filmmaker and producer,

Phyllis Stuart merging program development, production and content creation history with leadership and management expertise.


Qualifying for the 2020 Oscar race and now streaming across North America, 

WILD DAZE is a non-narrative feature created to stem the African ecocide and

promote biodiversity conservation.


Her current docuseries in development is Hope In The Wild West. Stuart has also worked to promote equality and in 1987 founded the 501c3 non-profit organization, Light Productions. Under this charity, Stuart has created dozens of media and advocacy projects including, The Women's Image Awards, an ABC primetime special 50 YEARS OF FUNNY FEMALES, BERT STERN: ORIGINAL MADMAN. Previous documentary feature films include I THINK I CANNES and THE PARANORMAL PORTAL: WHERE SCIENCE & SPIRT MEET.


Using art, media and advocacy Stuart works to galvanize humans to help preserve non-humans and their environment. Stuart also launched several conservation-based impact campaigns including The Tooth Fairy Project (to engage child conservationists) and a thirty-second PSA commercial, which played in theaters to over one million movie theater visitors across the USA.

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