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- Awards season is upon us. But with theaters still closed across California due to the coronavirus pandemic, many films that are eligible for awards are having a hard time being seen, especially those with a limited budget.

"I couldn't afford the 'for your consideration ads,' and I didn't think that was really gonna get me that much attention," said Phyllis Stuart, director of "Wild Daze."

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Phyllis Stuart was definitely on a journey while filming “Wild Daze.”(read full article).

By sharing the beauty of Africa while revealing the dire and potentially irrevocable consequences caused by mankind, Stuart wants her film to opens the eyes of the viewers and warns them of what could happen if we do not do all we can to turn the tide against this ecocide." 

Adrian Gomez Albuquerque Journal


By Lisa Carroll Published Oct 2, 2020

It takes an uncommon person to devote six years to making a documentary, even one like “Wild Daze” where it centers around saving the wildlife in Africa. Director Phyllis Stuart was more than up to the task. A determined person who cares deeply about the animals being poached and in danger, “Wild Daze” seems to be part of her heart and soul now".

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"WILD DAZE is an extremely relevant documentary that explores the threats humans pose to wildlife. Director Phyllis Stuart not only dove into the corruption, the deforestation, the bush meat trade and the exploding human population threatening the wildlife, but she also beautifully captured the animals in their natural habitats while giving a voice to the many passionate people who work tirelessly to save them from the many threats they face."  Yolanda Macias, Executive Vice-President, Cinedigm


“A fantastic and stunning documentary, Wild Daze shows us how to be more harmonious with nature. What started off as something that was against big game hunting evolved into a project that focused on the peoples of the continent, the desire for biodiversity and how humans need to be one with the plant.”  R.C. Samo, Fanboy Nation 

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"The documentary “Wild Daze” is an extraordinary movie. It is the kind of film that becomes an Oscar darling because it provokes and compels the viewer to take action. Rather than just tugging on your heartstrings, filmmaker and director Phyllis Stuart presents compelling information in the form of provocative and insightful interviews and compelling visuals that together, deliver a one-two punch to the gut of the viewer, leaving the audience in awe of such magnificent animals that they want to stand up and do something to protect magnificent pachyderms from the threat of extinction.A skilled filmmaker, Phyllis Stuart not only deserves an Oscar, but her film “serves as a platform for further understanding, opening a dialogue and ultimately, spurring action and activism.”  Lynette Carrington It's Just Movies


"Set in Sub-Saharan Africa, Phyllis Stuart captures and shares the ugly truth on the battle between humans paradoxical craving to control nature and our ultimate need to save the wild. WILDE DAZE takes the audience on a winding ride through Africa’s complex and murky corruption.  By sharing the beauty of Africa ,while revealing the dire and potentially irrevocable consequences caused by mankind, Stuart’s film opens the eyes of the viewers and warns them of what could happen if we do not do all we can to turn the tide against this ecocide". Karina Michel Feld, Medium

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