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WILD DAZE is an extremely relevant documentary that explores the threats humans pose to wildlife. Director Phyllis Stuart not only dove into the corruption, the deforestation, the bush meat trade and the exploding human population threatening the wildlife, but she also beautifully captured the animals in their natural habitats while giving a voice to the many passionate people who work tirelessly to save them from the many threats they face. Business Wire

Wild Daze depicts the complex and murky complicity with which human activity is taking a toll on the wild.  In the beginning of the film Jane Goodall asks why the most intelligent species to walk the planet is destroying the ecosystem it calls home? Boulder Weekly

How Filmmaker Phyllis Stuart Aims To Spotlight The Dire Challenges Facing Species That Depend On Biodiversity MEDIUM

“A fantastic and stunning documentary, Wild Daze shows us how to be more harmonious with nature”. Fanboy Nation






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