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Photo by Michael North



Founder, The Jane Goodall Foundation

Wildlife heroine, and a UN Messenger of Peace, Jane is a primatologist, ethologist and anthropologist who has worked over 50 years to not only demonstrate an urgent need to save chimpanzees from extinction, but to redefine species conservation to include the needs of local people and the environment. Jane travels the world, speaking about the threats facing chimpanzees and environmental crises, urging each of us to take action on behalf of all living things and planet we share.

Keith David headshot


Actor / Narrator

Keith David is a classically trained actor, Emmy Award winner and Tony Award nominee. Born and raised in New York City, Keith is a graduate of the New York High School of the Performing Arts and the Julliard School. On Broadway, he starred in Seven Guitars and Jelly's Last Jam (Tony nomination). His expansive film credits include 21 Bridges, Horizon Line, Night School, Tales from the Hood 2, Disney's The Princess and the Frog, Requiem for a Dream, Men at Work, They Live, Crash, There's Something About Mary, The Thing, Platoon and many others. Keith currently stars in "Greenleaf" for Oprah Winfrey's OWN network. Other TV credits include "NCIS: New Orleans", "Blackish," MacGyver", and "Fresh Off the Boat," "Community", "ER", "Enlisted", and "Mister Roger's Neighborhood." His voice over work has earned him three Emmys for Ken Burns' "Jackie Robinson", "The War", and "Unforgivable Blackness – The Jack Johnson Story". Some of his other voice acting credits include "Adventure Time", "Bojack Horseman," "Rick & Morty", "Spawn", and "Gargoyles."



Actor / Poacher Character

Before he could walk, Bobbie Lee was creating music. From learning to play the piano at age 7, he transitioned his artistic facets to poetry, and during high school was approached by his 9th grade teacher to publish his work. He continues to write, and has compiled dozens of poetic pieces to be unveiled in the near future. From there, attending college was the spark for a blossoming actor and model when he discovered theatre arts. In his 3rd play and his 1st leading role, he was nominated for the Irene Ryan award for collegiate acting and invited to the American College Theater Festival in Southern Utah.  Bobbie has appeared in over a dozen film publications from TV episodes to independent films to music videos, and has worked his way to the big screen.


Field Director, George Adamson African Wildlife Preservation Trust

The George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust was formed in England in 1979 to raise funds for the work being done in the Kora National Park in northern Kenya by George Adamson and his assistant Tony Fitzjohn. In recognition of his service to wildlife conservation, Fitzjohn was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 2006.


Chief, Division of International Conservation, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Richard oversees the Wildlife Without Borders Regional, Species, and Global Programs. Richard assumes this role building on his 16 years with the Service and the Division, formerly as a Project Officer for the Great Ape Conservation Fund, the African Elephant Conservation Fund, and more recently, as Chief of the Branch of the Near East, South Asia and Africa. Richard came to US FWS  after living 17 years in Africa where his work provided recognition as a leading force in wildlife conservation in Africa.

richard bonham PHOTO.jpg


Co-Founder, Big Life Foundation

Richard is the son of an early well known Kenyan Game Warden, Jack Bonham. Richard pioneered the Community Game Scout concept in the late 80's by employing four local Maasai warriors to collect snares which were appearing in growing quantities, 20 years later this the project has expanded to employing and training over 100 game scouts from the local community and operating over most of the ecosystem. 


Director, U.S. National Wildlife Property Repository

Coleen Schaefer operates and said of the 22,000 square foot  wildlife warehouse, "You can think of us as customs for wildlife". While Coleen manages just a 'thimble sized amount' of illegal wildlife parts, she helps track this annual 20 billion-dollar industry, The facility is responsible for receiving wildlife items that have been forfeited or abandoned to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.



Thula Thula Conservancy

Lawrence Anthony was an acclaimed conservationist and an international best-selling author. He received the United Nations Earth Day medal for his work in Baghdad. He authored three books : Babylon’s Ark, the incredible wartime rescue of the Baghdad zoo, The Elephant Whisperer, the extraordinary story of one man’s battle to save his herd, and The Last Rhino, the powerful story of one man’s battle to save a species.  He co-founded Thula Thula in Zululand, Kwa-Zulu Natal South Africa now run by his widow,  an author and chef, Francoise Malby Anthony.


Author, Founder & Director, Eagle Network & LAGA

Born in Israel in 1976, Ofir Drori Arrived to Cameroon in 2002 as an educator, photo-journalist and activist, and founded the NGO - LAGA. Seven months after its creation, LAGA, as a small group of local activist volunteers without a donor, brought about the first ever wildlife prosecution for the whole of West and Central Africa through fighting corruption. 


Director, Survival International

Stephen started his work with Survival International by compiling a World Red Book of Threatened Peoples. In 1974 he spent nine months in Colombia researching the situation of the indigenous tribal peoples and setting up several projects for funding by the Joint Projects Committee. On his return, in 1976, he published his report, "Towards Indian Self-determination in Colombia". Since 1984, he has served as Director-General of Survival International. 


President, Born Free

Will is an internationally-renowned wildlife expert who has dedicated his life to wildlife issues, since he lived in Kenya while his parents, Virginia McKenna OBE and Bill Travers MBE, made the film Born Free (1966).  In 1984, he co-founded The Born Free Foundation to stop individual wild animal suffering, protect threatened species worldwide and promote compassionate conservation. Will also serves as the President of Born Free USA.


US Ambassador Zambia


Prior to this posting, Ambassador Schultz served as Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine, Counselor for Economic Affairs in Moscow Russia and Deputy Chief of Mission in the U.S. Embassy in Harare, Zimbabwe.


U.S. Army Special Forces (Retired) Director Field Medicine, VETPAW

Star of Animal Planet series, Battleground: Rhino Wars, US Army Special Forces, Green Beret, 18D. Exec. Director of Anti-Poaching/Veterans Outreach, Director of Field Medicine and Tactical Sponsorship for VETPAW.


Reporter, KTN Standard, Kenya

Dennis Onsarigo is behind the most viewed Investigative TV program known as ‘Case Files’ that airs on KTN. He is known to be a bold and courageous journalist having received numerous threats and attacks from the stories he covers. Dennis has been targeted by many individuals who feel threatened from being exposed to the public through dirty deals and corruption. Dennis went to a village Primary and High School in Kisii County. After High School he joined Kenya Institute of Mass Communication for his Diploma in Broadcast Journalism. Afterwards he joined The University of Nairobi for his Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Political Science/Communication degree.


Head Ranger, Big Life Foundation

Born and raised in the Laikipia District of Kenya, Francis developed an affinity for wildlife as a young boy passing animals on his way to school. After completing high school, his dream to become a custodian of wildlife came true as he was selected to join Kenya Wildlife Service’s ranger training program. He served as a KWS ranger for 15 years, before working as a security coordinator and game scout trainer in the Laikipia District.  In 2011, Francis joined Big Life as Commanding Officer, coordinating Big Life rangers across the ecosystem. 


Founder, Light For Life

David Mascall founder of "Light for Life" is a man mauled by lions who gives everything to save them. David builds and promotes LED (Lion Entry Deterrent) Systems as a solution to protect lions and other wildlife from becoming victims of human-wildlife habitat conflicts


Author & Executive Director,                The Satao Project

Gretchen co-chaired an OECD Task Force on Wildlife and Environmental Crime to find solutions to grand scale corruption and complex, transnational organized crime problems.. She also authored "Seeds of Terror: How Drugs, Thugs, and Crime Are Reshaping the Afghan War".  A former war correspondent, now she is a leading authority on the intersection of crime and terrorism, money-laundering and transnational crime.


Founder, Chairman & CEO, Abercrombie & Kent

Kent is credited with introducing the world's first luxury photographic African Safari in 1962. Geoffrey Kent has been appointed the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Kenya to Monaco. Kent repositioned the safari experience as a "hunt with a camera, not with a gun"and introduced the first mobile tented safari's with refrigeration that made it possible to have fresh meat, fruit, vegetables and ice in the bush


Founder, Wildlife Works

Mike founded Wildlife Works in 1997 with a simple but powerful idea: protecting endangered wildlife requires balancing the needs of the wildlife with the need for work in those rural towns. He established Rukinga Sanctuary on 80,000 acres of land in South East Kenya to prove that wildlife conservation can attract sustainable development opportunities to rural communities where he built an eco-factory to produce casual apparel. 


Regional Director, Asia


Grace has been the driving force behind IFAW China from its inception, nurturing protection for both domestic animals and wildlife in China which had virtually no animal protection laws. Grace was instrumental in linking wildlife protection with development in rural Yunnan province in China where the remaining Asian elephants roam. 


Chief Conservation Officer,  Global Wildlife Conservation

Named a “Hero for the Planet” by TIME magazine, Mittermeier is regarded as a world leader in the field of biodiversity and tropical forest conservation. Trained as a primatologist and herpetologist, he has traveled widely in 169 countries on seven continents, and has conducted field work in more than 30, focusing particularly on Amazonia (especially Brazil and Suriname), the Atlantic Forest region of Brazil, and Madagascar.


Executive Director, Co-Founder, Elephant Action League

Andrea has 30 years of experience in conservation projects around the world.  For 17 years he consulted international companies and governmental agencies on high-end security technologies and services, homeland security, anti-piracy policies, and risk management.  He is a founding member of the Wildlife Justice Commission, a Member of the Board of The Africa Conservancy Foundation, and the creator and project manager of WildLeaks. 


Author & Science Writer

Virginia authored "ANIMAL WISE: The Thoughts and Emotions of Our Fellow Creatures". She also serves as  a correspondent for the journal, Science, specializing in animal behavior, cognition, biology and conservation, and a regular contributor to National Geographic and Conde Nast Traveler. She has written articles for the New York Times Magazine, Smithsonian, Discover and Outside publications. 


Founder, Silent Heroes Foundation

Hayley brings over 20 years of experience in wildlife veterinary medicine and conservation related to her African-based charity, One Health.  A veterinarian has a PhD in wildlife epidemiology and virology.  She teaches conservation medicine and related courses at the University of Florida.  She's also a Certified Meditation Instructor, so others may find peace, to bring peace to all beings. Hayley is a Compassion Fatigue Therapist to assist those in my profession who may be suffering in silence. 



Co-Founders, Desert Elephant Conservation

Dr. Brown: Ph.D. Cornell Univ., Dept. of Natural Resources, 2000,  M.F.S. Yale University, Forestry & Environ. Studies, 1986 and a B.A. Hampshire College, 1978. Dr. Raymey: Ph.D. Cornell Univ., Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, 1993. M.F.S. Yale University, Forestry & Environ. Studies, 1986. He also has a B.S. from the University of California Santa Cruz, 1981.


International President & U.S. Executive Director, The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization

In 2003, Barbara was the Executive Director of a management-consulting firm in Los Angeles, CA when Dr. Anthony invited her to help him create The Earth Organization. Her work ranges from helping displaced refugees to resettle in their new American homes, to introducing effective management technology to business and government leaders in Russia and Mexico. 


Wildlife Conservationist

Ian Redmond is a wildlife biologist who describes himself as a reluctant conservationist.  Twice he has witnessed the death of study animals he knew and trusted, killed by the hand of poachers.  These twin traumas, 10 years apart, thrust him into protecting first mountain gorillas and then underground elephants.  He says he’ll work with anyone who shares his goal – to make the world a safe place for apes and elephants – and his co-workers range from ex-poachers to presidents, wildlife charities to the United Nations. He has helped make more than 100 documentaries, helped develop virtual travel as an educational tool and is a co-founder of Ecostreamz – a new way of accessing films about the issues of our day.  His latest venture, which he describes as ‘beyond exciting’ is a multi-disciplinary team of scientists, economists (including a Deputy Director of the IMF) and blockchain experts to put into practice the ideas outlined in his TEDx talk #GardenersoftheForest;  together they are developing a means to bring the dollar value of carbon that is attributable to elephants, into the hands of local communities and rangers who hold the future of those elephants and their habitat in their hands.


Executive Director,

Natural Capital Coalition

Mark lead the coalition creating Natural Capital Protocol, a standardized global framework for including natural capital in decision making. Mark previously worked for The Crown Estate, helping to develop its integrated vision and approach to value measurement. Mark connects business, politics and civil society to drive action for a sustainable economy.


Nursery Head Keeper,                        The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Before he arrived to the Trust in 1999 , Edwin had never even seen an elephant. Despite his qualifications in computers and theology, he has grown to love the role he has found himself in, looking after the orphaned elephants. Edwin believes his work is important and useful as he reaps the daily rewards by being able to watch and learn and share a remarkable bond with an animal as challenging, as interesting, as special and as intelligent as an elephant.



Maurice is a Conservation Biologist from the Netherlands with his roots firmly in Africa. Before his current role working for Space for Giants in Kenya, Maurice led a snow leopard research study in Nepal while expanding his portfolio of professional photographs. He is passionate about working to safeguard the future of the world’s last wild places, and the animals and communities that depend on them.


Founder, Rifle Dynamics

Over a decade ago he fell in love with the AK. It was simple, reliable, and the most produced rifle in the world. It was also far from perfect and not well liked in the U.S. He says he is a "shooter first, builder second". Jim used his years of experience to retool the AK, producing the most reliable and performance-based tools possible: AK's that handle with ease, are supremely reliable, incredibly accurate, beautifully crafted, and always deliver. We keep the nostalgia and history of the AK intact with each build and with an unmistakable flavor that can only be Rifle Dynamics.


Professional Hunter

Pete is a 3rd generation Zambian and has been hunting Zambia's Luangwa, Kafue and the Zambezi wilderness since I was 15 years old. In 1997  Pete says he had enough of working for other outfitters and started out on his own forming SafariBwana and selecting prime areas and countries to take clients trophy hunting.  Now Pete works in Northern Zambia creating a wildlife conservancy that does not allow hunting, legal or illegal.

Photo by Michael Poliza

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