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"Don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good.” Voltaire 

 You've got teeth, you have strength and united we can transform our concerns into effective actions, whether locally, regionally, nationally or internationally.

There are many things you can do to help protect the wild and curb climate change, from making your immediate surroundings more energy efficient, to promoting policies on a national level.


Everyone makes a difference, each of use must determine the kind

of difference we make. 


Sean Crane

Every Day People DemonstrateTheir Mighty

 Green Goodness

 Take2WildSteps: a multi-sided platform that 

Saves Wildlife, Initiates Action & Empowers Individuals.  


Take2WildSteps: Transforms Worried Audiences

Into Awakened Wildlife Warriors. 

Take2WildSteps Gives People a Platform to
Be Green, Not Greedy.

Take2WildSteps: An early stage company Merging Media, Entertainment, Conservation & Technology and a film impact campaign for Wild Daze,.


This new multi-sided platform inspires exploration, invites discovery, spurs activism and incites adventure. We move our audience to action with stunning and everyday stories that matter to everyone. We transport our community to discover awe around the world and to regain wonder in the ordinary.


We teach by sharing contributors’ wisdom and advice. We help participating brands and NGOs transform worriers into warriors. We share, create, and foster that inner voice that asks “What difference did I make today?”  


Our community of contributors find memorable moments in exotic, remote, wild, and stunning locations, but audiences also find stunning visuals and impactful moments in their own neighborhoods.

 We exist to create hope and happiness and to bring meaning to your daily travels. An extension of Wild Daze, this new multi-sided platform  inspires exploration, invites discovery and spurs activism and adventure. We move our audience to action with stunning and everyday stories that matter to everyone. 

OUR MISSION:     To Put Action & Adventure in the Lives of Millions

OUR PURPOSE:     To Foster Courage & Purpose Across the Planet

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 Joachim Schmeisser

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